Blog 2007 April 14, 2007 - Back again! It's been awhile since I last wrote or added anything new to Kika's site. It hasn't been for lack of stuff to write, it's been mainly due to lots of other things to do. It's been so long I am trying to remember all the little ins and outs of working on her site so please bear with me if you notice some new glitches :-) We are about to embark on a trip to Texas, it's visa renewal time again, and one of my older daughter's is getting married in about a week. We are also going to look into some possibilities for getting a new vehicle since we currently don't have one. We will be borrowing the van of some friends for the trip and praying for miracles. Who knows, maybe something will work out on this trip! Now that would be a miracle! We'll see. Here's a Kika quip! Kika: (To her older brother, Tom) Tom, throw this (a used wet wipe) away for me! Tom: Since when do I do that for you? Kika: Right now! October 20, 2007 - I know, it has been practically forever since my last post! No excuses. We have had Kika's sixth birthday on August 14th, Kika is having regular therapy twice a week at a nearby private therapy place. Kika is happy and healthy and learning to read and write. She has a new wheelchair which I will post a picture of soon. Our whole family got one year visas for Mexico. What else has happened? Lots! I finally got convicted to update the site when we got this large donation towards the purchase of a Geiger machine. I figured I had better get on the ball and update the site or our donors are going to think we have forgotten them. Far from it! We pray for them regularly and really depend on each and every gift, large or small. You'll see that we are also still praying for a new vehicle. The Honda Odyssey is just one option and we are still investigating what might be the best vehicle for us. If we could get some kind of diesel mini-van or something even more economical, that would be nice. In any case, we want to send lots of love to all of you! We're still here and Kika is still progressing and growing and learning daily. Thank the Lord!