Blog 2008 August 29, 2008 - I can hardly believe that I didn't write practically anything for last year and now this year is close to being over! I won't get into excuses as they are beginning to sound pretty repetitive. We've been through a lot this year. Got our Honda Odyssey, attended the wedding our our daughter, Danni, here in Mexico. Kika had a couple of times that she was sick and we were concerned that it might have been her shunt. Thank the Lord, it wasn't and she soon recovered. But it sure keeps us on our toes. Kika is now 7 years old and that's old enough to drink 7-Up, or so says Kika :-) In any case, I hope to post more but don't want to promise and then not follow through. There's just been so much to do these days. September 7, 2008 - Well, it's confirmed, mom is pregnant! This is quite the unexpected news as you can imagine. After a stretch of 7 years we will be expecting a new arrival some time around the 11th of May. Kika is all thrilled about having a new baby brother or sister and it will be time to adjust all around. Kika will no longer be the littlest one but can be the BIG sister. September 16, 2008 - Today is Mexican Independence day! So here I am trying to add some updates. This past month we had to do some needed tests. Kika had been having headaches and vomiting on and off for over a month. So we took her to a neurologist and he prescribed a CAT scan and some x-rays to make sure everything was fine. The biggest threat was a malfunction of Kika’s shunt. If that was the problem we’d be faced with another stay in the hospital to have it removed and replaced—a procedure Kika almost didn't survive three years ago. So, long story short, the tests were all negative, thank the Lord! We also took Kika to her former therapist for an evaluation. She suggested we have Kika’s ankles operated on at the free Shriners hospital in Mexico City (her ankles are crooked and need to be surgically straightened). They would do the operation and also fit Kika with braces so she can start learning to walk. We’d have to enter her name on a six month waiting list. The therapist also recommended Kika taking swimming lessons which would be great exercise and therapy for Kika. Being able to swim would give her the freedom to go wherever she wanted to go, in the pool. Apparently, there are instructors that can teach her so it would just be an investment of time, taking her to the place they train her, and the funds, which isn’t so much. So we are praying about that. Other news is that we backed into a truck in the pouring rain at night and smashed the back windshield. No one was hurt but it was quite the trauma with our new car, the Odyssey! To top it off, it was after doing the weekly shopping and some of the bags of milk in the back were cut open and poured out. The next day we made some calls to see how much it would cost and were shocked to learn that it would be around $1300! We had thought it would be less so had not called our insurance company at first since we are responsible to pay the first $500 of any damages. So we called, wondering if they would honor our claim since it was the day after and not at the scene of the accident. Well, thank the Lord again, they sent an adjuster out and he filled out the papers for the repair work. So all we have to cover is the first $500 and they will handle the rest! It will be done at a Honda authorized dealer so it will be done well. That was another concern, as you can find people here in Mexico that will do the repairs for less but oftentimes the work is not so well done. So we are thankful and also resolved to pray more desperately when we go out! Donations towards the Giger machine have almost come to a standstill. We have a couple of missionary bases that have been giving regularly since we put out our plea for help, but other than that, not much else has come in. So we are praying for the Lord to continue to show us what to do and still trusting that, if it is His will, He will supply the rest somehow. September 18, 2008 - Looks like Kika has tonsillitis! Oh my! She has a slight temperature and is taking an extended nap. We'll keep a close eye on it and will check into what we need to do to treat it.