Chapter 2 - All Things Change! I need to back up in my story at this point to let you know another little change in "our" plans. Guess what? We weren't going to China any more, we were now on our way to Mexico. Now how did that happen, you wonder? For one, there was another missionary family in the States who invited us to go with them to Mexico to establish a base there. We had known this couple for many years and loved them dearly and got very excited about the idea. It was a tempting offer. Another reason for changing plans was that we received a letter from a dear missionary colleague whom we respect very much. She shared with us that while praying about our move the Lord had indicated to her that He may have another location for us, where our particular family would fit in better than China. Hmmmm? Now what is the Lord up to? After praying further about it, we decided that perhaps the Lord was just using China to get us going and now that our boat was in motion, He could redirect us to His desired location. You've probably heard the expression "the boat must be in motion for the rudder to take effect". Well, that's what was happening to us. So now we were headed for Mexico! Our departure date was coming up fast and it just didn't seem like there was enough time to do all that we needed to do. Finally, we purchased our tickets and informed the other couple of our flight information. All was set. Blast off was to be April 5th. The year was 2001. < Previous - Next > Get a Transfer If you are on a Gloomy Line,     Get a transfer. If you're inclined to Fret and Pine,     Get a transfer. Get off the track of Doubt and Gloom, Get on a Sunshine Train, there's room.     Get a transfer. If you are on the Worry Train,     Get a transfer. The Cheerful Cars are passing through, And there is lots of room for you,     Get a transfer. If you are on the Grouchy Track,     Get a transfer. Just take a Happy Special back,     Get a transfer. Jump on the train and pull the rope, That lands you at the Station Hope,     Get a transfer.