Chapter 3 - Learning Faith The Bible says that the "testing" of our faith produces patience (James 1:3) and I guess we really needed to learn some patience. The first thing that happened was that the husband of the other couple we were going to be teaming up with in Mexico, had a heart attack! Thank the Lord it was a relatively mild one, if there is such a thing. Nevertheless, it left them unable to take on the big job of scouting out a suitable base for all of us in Mexico, moving, getting set up, etc. They regretfully informed us that they would be unable to join us. So we asked the Lord what we should do and He very clearly indicated that we should proceed with our move. By a miracle, we were able to secure a place to land with a dear missionary couple that lived in the San Diego area, dear Doug and Jean and family. They lovingly agreed to put us up and help us while in the States until we could eventually make the last leg of our journey down into Mexico. The next thing that happened was that Danni, our 13-year-old daughter--guess what? Broke her leg! How's that for "testing"? She had gone out on Esther's birthday to a little local shop to get her Mom something special and on the way back, it was raining and the path was muddy, she slipped and fell, breaking her right leg in two places. Shortly thereafter she sported a full-length cast on her leg and was pretty much out of action from then on in regards to moving preparations. So what else could possibly happen? This is where Kika comes in. < Previous - Next > Faith Faith gives us the courage to face the present with confidence and the future with expectancy. *** Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. *** So on I go, not knowing, I would not, if I might; I'd rather walk in the dark with God Than go alone in the light; I'd rather walk by faith with Him, Than go alone by sight!