Chapter 9 - On to Mexico! The months went by quickly and by the time Kika was five months old, we had moved to Mexico. It was a test of our faith as we were unsure of how we would get the care that she would need. But the Lord comforted us that He would not fail to provide for her if we would put Him first and follow where He was leading. We can honestly say that He has been true to His Word and we have found many wonderful doctors who have offered their services to us free of charge or for greatly discounted prices. To give you an idea, Kika needs a pediatrician, a neurologist, urologist, orthopedist, therapist and regular x-rays and tests to keep up with her care. You may wonder what "catheters" are. Since she is paralyzed from the waist down, she has no control over her bladder or bowels. We must take special care to help her fully eliminate her waste on a daily basis. In regards to her urine, she pretty much leaks constantly, but her bladder doesn't empty out completely on its own. There is also the possibility of reflux, meaning the urine could back up into her kidneys and cause infections and much worse kidney failure. So we have to help her by inserting a tube-a catheter-into her urethra four times a day, to completely drain her bladder. I have to tell you about her "miracle" wheelchair. We were praying for one and wondering how in the world we would get one in Mexico, not that they aren't available here, but they can be expensive and difficult to come by a good one. We especially needed a small one for Kika and knew it was important to get her mobile. Esther had been communicating with other parents of children with spina bifida through an email support group. One day somebody wrote that they had a used wheelchair that would fit an 18-month-old toddler, and asked if anyone needed it. Esther responded right away, and the family very graciously told us it was ours! They lived in Dallas so our next hurdle was to figure out how to get it to Mexico. One of Esther's sisters just so happens to live in Dallas, and agreed to pick it up and keep it for us until we could figure something out. Then, about three months later, on a trip to the States, we were able to meet her and get it. Kika was so happy and so were we! She immediately began learning how to get around in it and now, at the age of almost two, she is quite proficient at propelling herself wherever she wants to go! It is the cutest little wheelchair you have ever seen! I didn't know they made them that small! Even though it's used, it is in terrific condition and, to top it off, the Lord led us to a sweet man at a wheelchair fitting place who made adjustments for Kika, and put new tires on it and a new belt as well. < Previous - Next > Victors Over Handicaps History is full of men who triumphed over handicaps. —Alexander Pope was a hopeless invalid, unable to stand without the aid of a brace. —Cervantes stuttered but he became a public speaker of remarkable power. —Look at the two sickly, puny children with scarcely a chance for maturity who turned out to be Chopin and Theodore Roosevelt. —Stephen A. Douglas, hunchback and statesman. —Edison, deaf and perfecting the phonograph. —Milton, blind and writing England's greatest poem. —Franklin D. Roosevelt, crippled by infantile paralysis and becoming President of the United States. All were victors over handicaps.