Chapter 10 - In Conclusion I guess I could go on and on with all the miracles that have happened and how our lives have changed, but I feel it's time to end this little story. We have learned a lot and still have so very much to learn, it seems it will never end. Kika's therapist is amazed at her progress and believes that very shortly Kika will be walking with the aid of adaptive equipment—so please keep that in your prayers. Thanks! We are so very thankful for Kika and believe that we will never be the same as individuals and as a family. It is a constant testimony to us of God's unending love and care towards us by leading and guiding us each step of the way. He has never failed! Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you have found it helpful and that it touched you in some way. May God bless and keep you, Wayne (Kika's dad) September 6, 2003 < Previous "I Am with You Always"  Speaking at the University of Glasgow in 1896, David Livingstone said, "Would you like me to tell you what supported me through all the years of exile among a people whose language I could not understand, and whose attitude toward me was always uncertain and often hostile? It was this: `Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.' On these words I staked everything, and they never failed."