Chapter 1 - Did God Make a Mistake? So we began setting aside funds every month for the upcoming move. We started de-junking our things as we would only be able to take what we could carry on the plane. Now that's the way to trim down! Ha! We started writing to missionaries in China and Taiwan in order to see what we would need and planning how we would make the trip and get started in our new field. Our plan was to go from Brazil to Los Angeles and then on to Taiwan. In Taiwan there was a missionary base where we would be able to get training for working in China and from which we could also send a smaller team to scout out housing, visas, and so on. But God had other ideas! In the midst of all our preparations, a new factor entered the equation. Esther became pregnant! We believe that God doesn't make mistakes. As one evangelist once said, "God never says, 'Oops!'" But it seemed like perhaps, well, just maybe, this was an exception. We thought, "Lord, here we are just three months away from our departure date. We've been saving up and preparing for months now to make our trip and now, we have a new baby on the way? Surely, God, this must be a mistake!" Or was it? God is the one who sees way ahead down the road we are going. I always like to think of it as being in a car on a two-way highway. You're behind one of those huge semis and you're trying to pass, but every time you pull out, a car is coming in the opposite direction. But God is high up above and He can see the road way up ahead and knows exactly when it will be safe to pass. Well, in our case, He was miles ahead of us. All we needed to do was to trust Him, knowing that "Father knows best!" < Previous - Next > The Captain is High Above A story is told that once the passengers of a vessel steaming along the St. Lawrence River were very angry because, in spite of the fact that heavy fog was encircling the boat, full speed ahead was maintained. At last they went to the first mate, and complained. "Oh, don't be afraid!" the mate replied, with a smile. "The fog lies low, and the captain is high above it, and can see where we are going." Are you tempted to complain of the way your Great Captain is leading you? Believe that He can see the end of the way. Then, declare, "Thou, Lord makest me dwell in safety."